March 8, 2023

What IWD means to Laine

It’s International Women’s Day today so we’re handing over the reins to our newest recruit, Laine Teesdale so she can share her thoughts on what IWD means to her…

Since joining P4 Planning in January, I have felt exceptionally impressed and empowered as a woman.

Why is this you ask?

As a single parent (or, any parent actually!) my working life to date has always been overshadowed by the worry of how to balance the school hours and the working day, particularly as before- and after-school clubs are so costly.

Happily, I’ve experienced equity at P4 Planning. Each of our circumstances is looked at and managed with support and respect. Whether it’s working from home or being able to work flexible hours to do the school drop off and collection on agreed days. I do a mix of this, to allow my son to have a few days at the school clubs and Mummy dropping off and collecting him from school. For me, it’s the perfect combination.

It’s an approach that breeds respect, drive and motivation to work harder.

I feel proud to be a woman working in a managerial position, and determined to succeed. For most of my working life (I won’t share how many years that has been) I’ve worked with women who feel the same… having that sense of pride as a woman doing well and succeeding is such an amazing feeling!

I know I’m in a privileged position and not all workplaces offer such flexible support. It’s a big shift that needs to happen. And it’s not just about parents, but people in all circumstances and situations.

Flexible working is the future, as has been showcased in the recent well-publicised trial. Acknowledging workers’ unique circumstances and giving them the flexibility to make their job work for them, is one way we can embrace equity in the workplace.

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