June 30, 2021

Plans Approved for Elsa Recycling

Acting on behalf of Elsa Recycling Group, P4 Planning has secured full planning approval for the redevelopment of Climax Works in Reddish, Stockport.

Following a move to refuse in April, P4 worked with the client and the local community to address concerns and submitted amended proposals which have now been unanimously approved by Stockport Borough Council.  The plans will enable the family-run waste recycling company to expand their existing operations and operate more efficiently through Elsa’s significant business investment to redevelop the site.

Elsa Recycling is one of the leading paper and plastics recycling companies in the North West and has operated from the premises on Station Road for 20 years.  It recycles over 700 tonnes of paper and card per week with key clients including supermarkets, local universities and local authorities, helping its customers to minimise their impact on the environment.

In 2019, Elsa acquired Climax Works, a site immediately adjacent to its current location.  The new plans will allow Elsa to redevelop both pieces of land in order to provide better on-site circulation and the storage required to operate more efficiently and with less impact on the local highway network and neighbours.

By creating a circulatory one-way system for vehicles and making aesthetic improvements to existing buildings and hardstanding areas, Elsa will be able to operate a better, safer and more efficient service which will have less impact on neighbours and others using Station Road.

Says Greg Humphreys, Managing Director at Elsa Recycling Group “Our investment and plans are designed to ensure that the important recycling service we provide can operate more efficiently, safely and with less impact, helping us become better neighbours in the local community”.

Says Rhian Thomas, Director at P4 Planning: “The proposed development greatly improves the existing operation and will bring significant improvements to Elsa’ efficiency and to the amenity of neighbouring local residents.  This approval enables Elsa to invest in its future development which will benefit the whole area and continue to assist sustainable waste efforts across the North West.”

The consultant team on the scheme includes M’GRA and SKTP Transport Consultants.

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