Elms Industrial Estate, Church Road, Romford



Elms Industrial Estate, Church Road, Romford

This webpage has been set up to help inform and capture feedback from the public and local stakeholders on the proposed development at Elms Industrial Estate, Church Road, Romford.

The application seeks full planning permission for the demolition of three buildings, and refurbishment of the two remaining buildings for continued employment use, the provision of three storage yards alongside a new pedestrian access, parking, turning areas, perimeter fencing and lighting and landscaped areas.

The video below sets the context of the site, the proposals and their benefits in more detail, alongside plans to assist. The video can be paused, enlarged, or downloaded. Please click on the bottom right full screen button to enlarge the video. 

We are keen to receive feedback and so would be grateful if you could please complete this survey or send us an email at contact@p4planning.co.uk by 14th June 2024.